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Together we create a respectful and approving community, where everybody can communicate freely despite their differences:

  1. Refrain from insults, harrassment, humiliation, doxxing, stalking, spamming and annoying with ads or propaganda.
  2. Refrain from racism, sexism, homophobia and transphobia.
  3. Refrain from justifying violent and extremist ideologies or their crimes.
  4. Use mostly Estonian here, specify a language while posting.
  5. Hide behind CW button violence, traumatic, sexualising or other content with high potential of disturbance.
  6. Follow Estonian law! This forbids violation of copyright, threats, incitement of hatred, scams and knowingly disseminating harmful or false information among many other things.
  7. Be helpful, patient and support new users.

Published: 29th of November 2022